Company Ethos 

We believe in doing what is right for you as an individual. No plan designed by any nutritionist should have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Always gearing your nutrition and training to a sustainable lifestyle approach will always increase the chances of achieving set goals. Moreover, flexibility is vitally important and should reflect your lifestyle and training specificity. 

Lewis Gough

Lewis Gough
(BA) Sport and Exercise Studies and Education Studies
(MRes) Sport and Exercise Science
(PhD) Sport and Exercise Science (1st year doctoral study)
Doctoral researcher in exercise physiology, nutrition and metabolism at Edge Hill University


Actively researching a range of supplements to improve exercise performance primarily in cycling performance. Specialising in physiology and exercise metabolism during a range of exercise durations and athletes (although mainly cyclists and triathletes). Applied experience with both professional and semi-professional clubs, providing nutritional consultancy and coaching.

More recent experience includes applied work with triathletes for preparation for competition and race day nutritional strategies.

Recent publications

McNaughton, L. R., Gough, L., Deb, S., Bentley, D., & Sparks, S. A. (2016). Recent developments in the use of sodium bicarbonate as an ergogenic aid. Current sports medicine reports15(4), 233-244.

Gough, L., Deb, S., Sparks, S.A., McNaughton, L. R. (2016) The reproducibility of blood acid base responses following different doses of NaHCO3. Conference paper: BASES 2016, Journal of Sport Sciences, 34, p 85.

Deb, S., Gough, L., Sparks, S.A., McNaughton, L. R. (2016). Determinants of W’ in the power duration relationship in normoxia and hypoxia: the effect of induced alkalosis. Conference paper: BASES 2016, Journal of Sport Sciences, 34, P85.

Josh Newbury (his face is vile)

Josh Newbury

Level 3 Personal Trainer and Gym Instructor

3rd Year Sport and Exercise Science student at The University of Derby


When and why did you start working out?

I seriously failed my A-Levels and thought the only way forward for me was to join the army. However, I was obese and couldn’t walk up the stairs without having to have a breather. So I joined the gym and ended up enjoying throwing weights around, fell in love with progression and found a passion.

What is your job?

I am currently juggling studying Sport & Exercise Science at university with personal training. Aside from this, I am a hunky till boy at Sainsbury’s to earn that extra money for chicken and broccoli.

Favourite work out 

At the moment I am learning to love leg training, because mine are rubbish and it upsets me. So, heavy squats and walking lunges are the exercises I look forward to the most. Remember, if you don’t go deep, it doesn’t count (this also goes for squats).

Least favourite work out

Cardio, mainly because I’m lazy and bro science says it affects your gains. Resistance wise, sit-ups, I just can never be bothered to do them. I much prefer messing around and having fun with the ab-roller.

What were your biggest mistakes as a beginner; with regards to training and nutrition?

Eat less, exercise more. I could spend 3 hours in the gym doing everything I could think of, then go home and just eat a pizza all day (because it only contained 1600kcal, which is less than the 2000 RDA). I also used to think pasta salad was healthy and contained little calories, so I ate this in large dosages. Also, I thought protein shakes made you massive, and I wanted to lose weight, so I avoided them.

Biggest mistake when you see others train or in nutrition?

Now that I have learnt, I believe proper nutrition should be the cornerstone of your training goals. So many people do not know what a macronutrient is, let alone how to manipulate them to meet their needs. When talking about training, ego lifting and gym gloves.

Who is your role model(s)?

LDN Muscle. Their no BS approach to the industry, and how they actually care about the health and fitness of the public.

Layne Norton, PhD. Champion bodybuilder/powerlifter that uses evidence based approaches to training, and it works. One of my aspirations is to actually be able to hold an intelligent conversation with him.

Anthony Perez. I followed him on Instagram (atrain_100) and have learned so much from a training perspective, I feel he has taken my training to the next level.

The Rock, because.. He’s The Rock.