I firmly believe in doing what is right for you as an individual. No plan designed by any nutritionist should have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Always gearing your nutrition and training to a sustainable lifestyle approach will always increase the chances of achieving set goals. It is therefore vitally important to be flexible and realistic with your nutrition.

Lewis Gough

Lewis Gough
(BA) Sport and Exercise Studies and Education Studies

(MRes) Sport and Exercise Science
(PhD) Sport and Exercise Science (3rd year doctoral study)
Doctoral researcher in exercise physiology, nutrition and metabolism at Edge Hill University


Actively researching physiological and biochemical methods to improve exercise performance, and recovery, primarily in cycling, boxing and team sports. Applied experience with elite cyclists, triathletes and both professional and semi-professional clubs, providing nutritional consultancy and coaching. For more information see our services page.

Recent publications

McNaughton, L. R., Gough, L., Deb, S., Bentley, D., & Sparks, S. A. (2016). Recent developments in the use of sodium bicarbonate as an ergogenic aid. Current sports medicine reports15(4), 233-244.

Gough, L., Deb, S., Sparks, S.A., McNaughton, L. R. (2016) The reproducibility of blood acid base responses following different doses of NaHCO3. Conference paper: BASES 2016, Journal of Sport Sciences, 34, p 85.

Deb, S., Gough, L., Sparks, S.A., McNaughton, L. R. (2016). Determinants of W’ in the power duration relationship in normoxia and hypoxia: the effect of induced alkalosis. Conference paper: BASES 2016, Journal of Sport Sciences, 34, P85.

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