So my second Christmas came along and my Tanita body composition scales came last week!

After ripping through the box like a fat kid after cake, dog after a ball and so on, I soon realised just how amazing these little beauties are.

The list of measurements it can provide are pretty cool too:

  • Weight
  • Body Fat % (5 – 99 years) Body Fat Healthy Range Indicator (5 – 99 years)
  • Total body water %
  • Muscle Mass
  • Physique Rating
  • Bone Mineral Mass
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Metabolic Age
  • Body mass index
  • Visceral Fat, Visceral Fat healthy range indicator
  • 5 Segmental fat readings
  • 5 Segmental muscle readings

So I jumped on and did the measurements 3 hours postprandial (which means 3 hours after eating), ideally I would like to do this first thing in the morning after a fasted sleep but I simply never have time! After a quick 30 second read-out I found my body fat % was 16.8. This was around 2% less than the summer of 2014, so I guess good news! My aim is to get to 12-13% body fat by September 2015. Will keep you updated with progress on that 🙂

Why do I use the Tanita scales?

I personally find them a convenient way to track progress and gives an alternative to other subjective measures. It is also a very good way to set goals and track progress as it only takes around 30 seconds to measure, which compared to skin fold caliper testing (this process can take 15-20 minutes) is much shorter. I also know these particular scales are pretty accurate as a good friend of mine Steven Rimmer from Elite Sport Science compared the Tanita to the iDexa scanner and found minimal differences in outputs. Nonetheless, variations will occur daily and it is believed that hydration status may effect the output from BIA scales, so be wary of that. I also think that some of the measures (i.e. visceral fat, metabolic age) are not necessarily valid and reliable, so I would perhaps not read too much into them!

How do I get to use this bad boy?

Just send an message via. our contact page and we will book you in.



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