Protein… Which one should I buy?




Many people consider buying protein shakes, that’s a fact. In 2009, the dietary supplements and vitamins industry was worth more than £670 million in the UK alone. I myself have a monthly order of supplements and protein, I find it helps me towards my goal. Particularly as I am currently ingesting 40% of calories from protein, which is a task without shakes.

Today I wanted to have a look at ways to avoid being ripped off by companies who inflate prices for no particular reason.

Here goes….

Holland and Barrett (908g; Whey Protein) = £42.99
Serving size = 23g
Cals = 87
Fat = 1.1g
Carb = 1.8g
Pro = 17.5g (1kg Impact Whey Protein) = £15.79
Serving size = 25g
Cals = 104
Fat = 1.9g
Carb = 1.3g
Pro = 21g

ProteinWorld (1.1kg; Whey Protein) = £30
Serving size = 30g
Cals = 121
Fat = 0.8g
Carb = 0.7g
Pro = 27.4g

I see the numbers, but which one is the best?

I hope it’s clear that Holland & Barrett are sitting in 3rd place, and to be honest, with prices like that they should be ashamed. I mean they don’t even give you a full kilogram!! What is that about!! My personal preference is the whey protein from and this is for a number of reasons.

1)      They tend to not get celebrities to endorse their products, unlike ProteinWorld. This really annoys me in the industry as these Z list individuals are neither qualified nor in a position to be selling a dream. They push supplements to make a quick buck and health and nutrition shouldn’t be like this! Another example may be the number of pretty ladies promoting ‘fit tea’ on Instagram, its bloody tea! Get a grip people!

2)      Price…. This is important to me as I’m no millionaire. I also don’t like to pay over the odds and I like to feel I’m getting value for money. With the MyProtein product it is so cheap in the first place and they also tend to have offers on daily. For instance, I got a free vest last week with my protein (just a shame I don’t have the muscles to go with it).

3)      The macronutrient make-up of the product also stacks up well against the more expensive ProteinWorld product. I admit the protein content from the ProteinWorld product is impressive, however it’s double the price of the MyProtein Whey so is not that much greater to justify such a price increase. I also like the extra fat content from the MyProtein Whey as this is roughly around 30% of my diet at the moment, so I need every bit I can get hold of!

So in summary, it’s all the WHEY for me (see what I did there).

If you would like any advice on protein selection, type, best price or just general info please do get in touch by our contact page or alternatively send an email to If you feel you may have a better all-round protein too, let me know! I am always open to looking and researching new products. 


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